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Review PES 2015 – 2016

The football enthusiast busy back at the election which games to be played in the next season. Competition between Fifa 2015 made by EA Sports PES 2015 is Konami’s masterpiece is still a matter of debate among gamers.
Last year, the competition was slack due to the sale of PES 2014 Fifa defeated compared to 2014. The decrease was due to the sale of Konami tries to offer a gameplay that is really new so no doubt many shortcomings here and there. Do not want to fall in the same hole, Konami seems to have studied all the existing shortcomings PES 2014 and PES 2015 edition on all holes made by his predecessor tried to be closed so as to make competition between Konami versus EA Sports re-heated. On this occasion Tersapa.com try to present a brief review of PES 2015 which may be taken into consideration to choose which one will you play for at least the next year.
Because the author is playing on the PC console gaming specs is something that must be known before running the game. Be in vain if we have to get a certain game but the PC we can not afford to run the game. Here are the specifications needed to run PES 2015:
Besides can be enjoyed via PC, Konami has announced that PES 2015 is also available in the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.
Advances in technology specifications of the console automatically enables developers to create a game that is as real as possible. This is exactly trying to be realized through PES 2015 Konami.



At first I doubted that try to offer comfort by PES 2015 given in this edition they still took Fox as the engine developer. This is quite reasonable doubt because of Fox, too, who gush PES 2014 and the results we can see for yourself how bad the gameplay that they serve. However, any presumption that I think collapsed instantly when start playing this game.
The referee blew his mark on the game begins and the third operand I immediately made a mistake passing. It had struck me, because it is not usually my passing mark. Initially I thought this might be because of my habits play Fifa so reasonable when put through mistakes. However, when my friend who is accustomed to playing PES trying to play he was also sometimes make mistakes passing. When I try to play it long enough, I feel that it turns our ability to do the passing was really tested in PES 2015 which makes the ball does not feel like a magnet. Another interesting thing is the movement of each player in doing passing, shooting up dribblingsesuai with their distinguishing features in the real world. Plus in this edition gamers will not be treated Alay movements as seen in the previous edition. These movements are made as naturally as a player and as realistic as possible in order to create a real impression on any details of the game.
In general graphical issue is a major consideration gamers will buy the game which. As a game rooted in the real world, with the actors we usually see on the screen every day it is not surprising that the PES and Fifa vying for presenting graphics as closely as possible to the real world. Not only the range of the texture of the face, but the minor used graphics as clothes movements that follow the player’s body movement, the texture of the field, until the facial expression was trying shown to produce graphics as closely as possible to the real world.

Sergio Ramos clothes that follow the movement of the body and trousers were soiled due to perform tackles
Sergio Ramos clothes that follow the movement of the body
and pants were dirty due to perform tackles

Unlike the Fifa 2015 since the beginning of the “sell” visual, PES 2015 are touting about this graphic. It must be admitted that the graphics are presented Fifa always one step more real than the PES or WE. However, in PES 2015 Fox Engine has successfully made a face that looks more real than the previous editions facial detail especially those famous players. In addition to the detail of the face, facial expressions are displayed also real impressed follow the movements of what is done by a player.

If it can be summarized, in fact graphical improvement is not too drastic, considering that in PES 2014 Fox Engine has been towed to develop one of this best-selling franchise. But not too drastic increase has been deemed satisfied by most gamers remember the previous edition of gamers have been made sick at the gameplay so they no longer pay attention to the details in the graphics which actually satisfies the other in the running game.
Other Matters Support Satisfaction
Football is nothing without the fans. That expression of Jock Stein, Celtic Glasgow coach either in the period when. I think the phrase is true, given the football game will be felt crickets … crickets when no shouts spirit burner support the players of both clubs competing. Too bad the developers of this game seems the developers gameini less sensitive to the issue. PES 2015 is still present with the concept of the old chants. Mere spectators shouting here and there, with high notes modestly hung with action that gamers do. For business this one, it seems Konami and Fox Engine should still learn from EA Sports that can generate atmospheric stadium that wow really.
Other things we might not be aware of its existence is the soundtrack that are served. In the previous issue of Konami always serve soundtrack alien to the ears of music lovers billboard prints. Indie bands from around the world with a musicality that I think is more sophisticated than the music-musikmainstream. However, in PES 2015 soundtrack is presented in part is the music that entered the ranks of the billboard.
Here’s soundtrack is presented PES 2015
American Authors – Best Day of My Life
Avicii – Wake Me Up
Bastille – Pompeii
Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna
Calvin Harris – I Need Your Love (feat. Ellie Goulding)
Cold War Kids – Miracle Mile
Imagine Dragons – Demons
Linkin Park – All for Nothing (feat. Page Hamilton)
Morning Parade – Shake the Cage
The Preatures – Is This How You Feel?
Wilkinson – Afterglow
In conclusion
And finally the improvements made by PES 2015 from earlier versions, especially of the “cosmetic” and atmospheric game that much evocative and realistic admirable. Evident from various game critics give high value for a franchise that has just been released on November 11. IGN as IMDB its game no hesitation in giving a value of 9 out of 10, even with metacriticyang give a value of 83 100 to this game. The scores can be seen in line with what the CEO of Konami of Europe promised try saying that PES 2015 will be completely different from the previous series. Furthermore Shinji Hirano said that:
I can not tell much more detail about what we’re doing with game studios in the UK, but they are working on the next project, and they will make it to the needs of European players. It’s time to make the PES series to be global, so PES 2015 will not be made by the Japanese just as long as we did.
We know what is wrong with the PES and we will fix it. The next series will be completely changed. 2014 will be a huge year for the PES series to change. So get ready for the arrival of a big thing.
Although PES 2015 gets a lot of good reaction from gamers and game critics, but still a tough task to be faced Konami and Fox Engine if you want to match the success of Fifa. For me personally that two years later switched to Fifa, the development of PES 2015 did show increased performance of the series sebelunya, but unfortunately, I have not found a reason to return to PES 2015. However, for the PES series mania may this game will be something that more feast for the eyes and hands of PES mania as well.

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