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HDRsoft Photomatix Pro v5.0.1 Final (x86/x64)

HDRsoft Photomatix Prois a software that you can use to edit photos or images. HDRsoft Photomatix Pro is a great expert in dealing with the contrast of the photo or image. With HDRsoft Photomatix Pro, adan no need to use expensive equipment and use it when shooting. You simply wear HDRsoft Photomatix Pro and simply enable Auto Exposure Bracketing and let Photomatix Pro HDRsoft this work and please prove results.
  • Generation of HDR (High Dynamic Range) images from differently exposed images
  • Conversion of single RAW file into pseudo-HDR image
  • Tone Mapping tool for revealing highlights and shadows details in HDR image
  • HDR Viewer shows local HDR image data at the appropriate exposure
  • Display of HDR Histogram (logarithmic)
  • Ability to batch tone map single HDR images
  • Function to tone map large HDR image files while benefiting from a preview
  • Read and Write support for Radiance RGBE (.hdr), OpenEXR (.exr) and Floating Point TIFF
  • Color managed HDR workflow: passing trough of ICC color profiles from the source to the tone mapped images, and color managed display
  • Four algorithms for Exposure Blending
  • Automatic alignment option for hand-held images with two alignment methods available
  • Preview and Loupe available for all Exposure Blending methods
  • Ability to select the images for method ‘H&S – 2 images’
  • Automatic Batch Processing
  • Support JPEG, TIFF, Radiance RGBE, OpenEXR, PNG, PSD, RAW files from several camera models